Will Patera

Will Patera is the co-founder of Pupil Labs. He also teaches early design and conducts research in computation and design with an emphasis on vision.


He is currently the year one coordinator and adjunct professor of architecture at Chulalongkorn University, International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) in Bangkok. He teaches foundation design studios and advanced fourth year undergraduate design studios. He has also conducts workshops focusing on his research interest in Thailand and abroad.

In the summer of 2010 he founded “INDA Berlin” in collaboration with Yarinda Bunnag and Carson Chan, that brought twenty-four architecture students from Bangkok to Berlin for six weeks of study. The project culminated in a temporary “restaurant” in Berlin Mitte, designed, constructed, and operated by students. In the summer of 2011, Patera, Bunnag, and Chan continued their collaboration and brought another 24 architecture students to Berlin for five weeks to research the concept of “Conflict Zones”.

Concurrent with teaching, he operates Pupil Labs with Moritz Kassner. Pupil Labs does research & development with a strong emphasis on design. Currently Pupil Labs is developing Pupil, an eye tracking hardware and software platform that grew out of their joint thesis research while at MIT. Pupil is a project in active, community driven development. The hardware is accessible, hackable, and affordable.

He received a Master of Science in Architecture Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Design and Computation Group and his professional architecture degree from Cornell University.

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