Course Websites

I am coordinating the first year Bachelor of Science program at the International Program in Design and Architecture within the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. I have been coordinating the first year since August 2012. The first year curriculum is composed of two three courses that are taught within our program and two other general education courses that are offered in the university. The INDA Year One website serves as an archive of course material, platform for administrative news and events, and gallery/archive of student work (coming soon!) for two of the core courses: Design Studio and Design Tools & Skills. Visit the INDA Year One site.

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Also from August-December 2013, I will be teaching a fourth year studio in collaboration with Yarinda Bunnag. The working title for the studio is, “DENCITY.” The studio will be posting regular updates in a blog format throughout the semester. Check progress here.

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